Behavioral Health Services helps thousands of families each year thanks to the generous support of key partners and individuals like you. In fact, 83¢ of every dollar donated to BHS goes directly to the service of the 15,000 clients we serve each year for services such as:

  • $9 will feed a residential client for a day
  • $258 will feed them for a month
  • $45 will pay for a group therapy session
  • $100 pays for an individual therapy session
  • $95 provides transportation for medical, psychiatric, and job search appointments for a month
  • $1147 will provide transportation for a year
  • $53 provides transitional housing for a day – $1598 for a month
  • $2500 pays for one month of outpatient substance abuse treatment
  • $2000 pays for one month of residential/inpatient substance abuse treatment

Donations of goods can also help our clients if you have any of the following:

  • Clothing suitable for a job interview
  • Disposable diapers for our new mothers (this includes “big kid” pants)
  • Baby formula
  • School Supplies for the children
  • Nutritional supplements such as Ensure and Glucerna
  • Donate Your Car, call (866) 430-0333, you can donate your old car, the donation will come to us, the tax deduction will go to you.